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About Me
Name: Michelle

Interests: Art, otters, hiking, museums, gardening...

I'm Michelle. When I’m not busy with schoolwork, I like going outdoors in nature, visiting antiques stores, reading about obscure topics, and volunteering at pet shelters.

River otters and small-clawed otters are among my favorite animals and I’ve studied them a lot in my spare time. More animals that I love include budgies/parakeets, civets, linsangs, genets, and deer to name a few.

Some music that I like includes Lemon Demon, Gorillaz, 60’s/70’s/80’s (especially Elvis Costello, Hall & Oates, ELO, The Beatles, etc.), accordion/violin/piano stuff, and some video game soundtracks.

Some Pokémon that I like

archeops buizel chatot dewott duskull girafarig jolteon joltik lapras latias lunala meganium

zigzagoon mimikyu minior oricorio reuniclus salandit sawsbuck shaymin tropius volcarona xerneas zigzagoon

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